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Emergency Lighting

At INTELECT we stay right upto date with all the latest law and regulations on emergency and escape lighting.

Emergency and Escape Light
From 1st October 2006 there have been revised standards. It has now become the responsibility of the "Responsible Person" to ensure the Building Emergency and Escape lighting will pass the regualtions. This "Responsible Person" is either the owner of the building or the person operating from the building, or owner or occupier who has control of the building. This check was previously carried out by the Local Fire Officer.

We at intelect electrical contractors, have a long standing experience of the Emergency Lighting Regulations BS 5266:Pt1:1999, now updated to 2005. and we would be happy to carry out a survey and report on your buildings compliance with the Emergency Lighting requirements.

Even if your building has existing emergency lighting it may require modifications to meet the revised standards. We have the training and experience to provide you with a full emergency lighting service, including modifying your existing fittings.